2. A head full of nature knowledge serves you better than a backpack cluttered with the latest in wilderness technology.

If you are heading off into the wilderness, what do you need? The newcomer to wilderness survival is tempted to bring a backpack full of the latest gadgets. But more important than a gadget for every conceivable situation is a knowledge of how to make the most from natural resources using only a few essential tools. 

There are several basic tools that are good to carry into the bush. They are the 5 Cs of Survivability: cutting implements, cover elements, combustion tools, containers, and cordage. These items are the most difficult to obtain and time-consuming to create from the natural resources. If you have these tools and can use then capably, you can survive just about anywhere. They can help you maintain your body’s core temperature—which is your top priority. It’s also important that you are able to make yourself comfortable enough to get no less than four hours of sound sleep each night. Whatever you bring in your kit, pack items that will help you maintain core temperature and relative comfort.

People who overpack will inconvenience themselves as their backpacks will be too heavy and they end up “roughing it” instead of “smoothing it” as their gadgets all promised. The 5 Cs and the knowledge to utilize them are more than enough.

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