4. Cords, ropes, and tubular webbing will help you with everything from fishing to cooking to shelter support.

The second of the 5 Cs is cordage. This refers to the bushman’s selection of cords and ropes. These are essential tools because, as with other key items, cords serve numerous functions, including starting fires, trapping animals, fishing, containing materials, as well as setting up tripods and shelters.

Cords are thinner and come in synthetic and natural varieties. They also vary in their degree of  tensile strength. Cords with lower tensile strength are fine for nets and fishing. For more heavy-duty creations like lashings for a shelter, higher test is preferable.

Ropes are thicker than cords and suitable for hanging game to be skinned and cooked, for makeshift backpack straps, and belts. Natural materials like jute or hemp are ideal because they are also great kindling.

Tubular webbing is a good alternative to rope. Its remarkable tensile strength makes it great for climbing. It’s lighter than rope, less likely to break, and you can pack a good deal more of it because it’s flat.

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