2. Before discarding or organizing, you must be able to visualize the tidied space and express the reasons you want to be tidy.

What would your tidy space look like? Can you picture it? Be specific. Don’t merely say, “I picture a clean space.” One client’s initial response was very vague, something about wanting a more “feminine lifestyle.”  At the beginning of her consultation, her flat was anything but that. It was so littered with clothing and magazines that you couldn’t see the floor. There was so much junk in her closet that she couldn’t close the door. When pressed to elaborate on her phrase “feminine lifestyle,” she closed her eyes and shared what she envisioned: a home without clutter, a pink bedspread, a white vintage lamp, essential oils, and classical music to accompany an evening yoga session and bath before bed. A degree of concreteness to your desire makes it easier to bring to life.

Beyond visualization, however, give thought to why you want a tidy space. This client discovered that she wanted yoga and essential oils before bed, so that she’d get a better night’s sleep and wake up more refreshed and ready for the day ahead. Underlying all our wants in life is the desire to be happy, and this process of becoming a tidy person will make this possible. Once you’ve determined what makes you happy and the reasons why you want to be tidy, you are ready to take stock of what you currently own.

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