8. You should keep miscellaneous items because they spark joy—not “just because.”

Just about everyone has a junk drawer—or three. Those locations where miscellaneous goods accumulate, from coins to make-up samples, to batteries—maybe dead maybe still good—aspirin, pens, hairpins, erasers, and so on. In Japan, these miscellaneous items are referred to as komono, which denotes everything from junk and parts to a small or insignificant person. When you ask people why they keep such an odd assemblage of things that they rarely remember is there, most will say something to the effect of, “just because.” Sorry, but “just because” is not a good enough reason. A spark of joy is the only acceptable reason for keeping something.

Try sorting your komono in this order:

-CDs and DVDs

-Skin care products



-Valuables, like credit cards and passports

-Electrical equipment like random cords and cameras

-Household equipment like stationery and sewing paraphernalia

-Household supplies like medicine and Kleenex

-Culinary tools like pots and spatulas

-Other, coins, key chains, and so on—and on.

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