David G. Benner

David G. Benner (born February 9, 1947 in Orillia, Ontario) is an internationally known Canadian depth psychologist, author and wisdom teacher. The central organizing thread of his life and work has been to help people live the human journey in a deeply spiritual way and the spiritual journey in a deeply human way. Drawing on the insights of science, philosophy, the perennial wisdom tradition and forty years of work integrating psychology and spirituality, the focus of his more than thirty books has been the unfolding of the self associated with a journey of awakening and transformation, and the access this provides to wisdom. David is the Founder of Cascadia Living Wisdom School which now operates as Cascadia Living Wisdom. David continues to serve as a wisdom teacher and mentor, guiding people toward wholeness, alignment with the Spirit of Wisdom, and engagement with the world.

The Gift of Being Yourself: The Sacred Call to Self-Discovery

Many Christians talk about the centrality of their relationship to God. But there are two involved in any relationship. Christians focus primarily on God, but neglect the other half of the relational pair: the self. The self is very commonly invoked in the context of “sinner,” but this often obscures the facts that the sinner is deeply loved by God and that the self is the very ground where God chooses to dwell and connect with a person. This book attempts to reconnect contemporary Christianity to the ancient understanding of the God-given gift of the self and its necessity for authentic spirituality and deep connection with God.

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