Jory Fleming

Jory Fleming is currently working at the University of South Carolina as a climate scientist. He holds an MPhil in environmental change and management from the University of Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar, an MBA from the Quantic School of Business & Technology, and a BS in geography and marine science with a minor in geophysics from the University of South Carolina. Alongside his service dog Daisy, Jory is invested in children’s education and raising awareness about disabilities. He loves the ocean and hopes to keep the planet beautiful and alive for the next generation. Jory lives with several disabilities, including autism, and enjoys speaking with others about his way of seeing the world. In his spare time, Jory is an avid bird watcher, board game enthusiast, and Scottish country dancer.

How to Be Human: An Autistic Man's Guide to Life

Today, the brain is considered the master organ in the body. Modern science tells us that the brain organizes everything: bodily functions, senses, information, and personality. But what does humanity miss out on when we neglect the perspective of a minority of people born with a different type of brain? Jory Fleming, the first autistic man to attend Oxford on a Rhodes Scholarship, gracefully reveals a new method of thinking about the world that challenges our assumptions about emotion, language, and neurodiversity. Despite not being able to speak in traditional ways until he was 18, years of determination and support from his community led Fleming to learn to translate, in our limited language, his journey in the world as an autistic man.

Bio information sourced from Wikipedia