Josh McDowell

Joslin "JoshMcDowell (born August 17, 1939) is an evangelical apologist and evangelist. He is the author or co-author of over 150 books.

In 2006, his book Evidence That Demands a Verdict was ranked 13th in Christianity Today's list of most influential evangelical books published after World War II. Other well-known titles are More Than a CarpenterA Ready Defense and Right from Wrong.

As a practitioner of Christian apologetics, McDowell's writings have concentrated on addressing challenges to belief, questions posed by non-Christians, doubts about faith, and non-Christian religions. McDowell tends to present positive arguments to commend belief in Jesus Christ by emphasizing historical and legal proofs to establish the authenticity of the biblical texts and the divinity of Christ.

More Than a Carpenter

Amid ranks of reformers and revolutionaries, Jesus Christ stands distinct throughout history—his influence is matchless. Jesus stirred joy in the lepers and fear in the Pharisees, provoking a wide range of responses and impacting the trajectories of nations and individual human hearts. The words he professed, the lifestyle he lived, and the promises he embodies for those who believe him compel all people to take a step back to ponder the man set before them—a Savior who offers absolutely everything. Best-selling author Josh McDowell and his son, a professor at Biola University, Sean McDowell travail archaeological findings, accounts of ancient history, and the pages of the Bible to trace the reality of Jesus Christ and the truth of his transcendent life.

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