Kip Kolson

Kip Kolson entered the financial services industry in 1967. His experience includes tenures in banking, commercial real estate development, and financial planning at a leading business and personal financial planning corporation as well as ownership of his own real estate company, and now his own family wealth leadership company. As Vice President and head of real estate at Bank of America’s Newport Center office, Kip managed the office’s real estate loan portfolio. From there, he became Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for an independently owned commercial real estate development and management company. Kip had oversight of the company’s asset management including lines of credit, financial projections and budgeting, compensation and employee benefits as well as their risk management and project management. As one of the development partners, his activities included buying undeveloped land, land planning, hiring architects, engineers and contractors; arranging construction and permanent financing, negotiating legal structures and partnership relationships, supervising the construction of projects, contracting with brokers and marketing personnel and negotiating leases and sales contracts, and managing tenant and physical plant assets. Kip started his own company as owner of Kolson Investment Property Advisors. It was during these six years as an owner, that he developed a better understanding of the wants and needs of the average business owner and its employees. Feeling a need to have a greater impact on helping others, Kip decided to pursue his financial planning career with IDS Financial Services, but knew he needed to associate with an independent firm to achieve his goal of being a client advocate. In 1992, he joined Advantage Financial Advisory Group, the predecessor of Family Wealth Leadership, and over time acquired the firm. As owner and president, he guides all aspects of the firm to ensure it achieves its mission of optimizing a family’s true wealth in order to prepare the next generation to be responsible stewards and to leave a legacy for future generations. 

You Can Have It All: Wealth, Wisdom, and Purpose—Strategies for Creating a Lasting Legacy and Strong Family

 You have seen and heard the stories of dissension, fighting, and legal actions when an inheritance is up for grabs. You may be thinking, “That won’t happen to my family,” but no family is invulnerable to acrimony or greed. Statistics reveal that 70 percent of wealth is lost each time it transitions to the next generation. Two primary factors are loss of trust and breakdown in communications. Working with families of all sizes and levels of wealth for more than 25 years, Kip Kolson has learned the only way to overcome these challenges is through a holistic, integrated financial and personal coaching program that builds a cohesive team of all living generations. You Can Have It All offers perspective on building strong family ties, teamwork, legacy, and improving lines of communication and trust in order to increase your family’s image, influence, impact, and significance in the community.

Bio information sourced from Wikipedia