Saadia Madsbjerg

Saadia Madsbjerg is vice president of Global Community Affairs for The Coca-Cola Company and president of The Coca-Cola Foundation.

Making Money Moral: How a New Wave of Visionaries Is Linking Purpose and Profit

Judith Rodin is a philanthropist and former president of the Rockefeller Foundation. Saadia Madsbjerg is the current president of The Coca-Cola Foundation and former managing director of the Rockefeller Foundation. Their book, Making Money Moral, outlines a recent shift in the underlying framework of capitalism that aims to use financial sustainability to save the world. Capital markets have long neglected environmental and social needs. But the growing cost of these global problems on businesses and the potential economic benefit of solving them has inspired many to put their money and efforts into economic activities that merge ethics and profit. The change in economic values is becoming mainstream. Partnerships between many political, economic, and nonprofit entities are developing. Making Money Moral reports on recent progress toward a more ethical economy while giving all social sectors practical advice on how to participate in this cataclysmic shift into a hopeful future.

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