Bonnie Tsui

Bonnie Tsui lives, swims, and surfs in the Bay Area of San Francisco. A longtime contributor to The New York Times and California Sunday Magazine,she has been the recipient of the Jane Rainie Opel Young Alumna Award from Harvard University, the Lowell Thomas Gold Award, and a National Press Foundation Fellowship.

Why We Swim

Almost three-quarters of our planet’s surface is water. Forty percent of the world’s population lives within 60 miles of a coastline. Water is a universal human experience and we seem to be drawn to it despite the many inherent risks and dangers. Beyond mere survival value, the element that can manifest as floods and tsunamis, that houses sharks and yet-unknown creatures in its depths, is also a place of play. Bonnie Tsui travels the world to unfurl some of the paradoxes of our love-hate relationship with water.

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