5. Your thoughts are the most powerful, life-changing tool at your disposal.

Your thoughts have the power to create or destroy. When you fix your thoughts on something, believe it is possible, and take decisive action toward it, odds are it’s going to happen. This does not mean that if you think, believe, and act like a unicorn, you will turn into one. It does mean, however, that if you spend your days thinking, “I could never make more than $50K,” you probably won’t. Start thinking like you’re going to make $100K by a specific time. When you meditate, make these thoughts the intention of your practice. Start hanging around people that would naturally increase the probability of you making $100K. You have to practice thinking in a way that raises your energy. By doing this, you increase your chances of attracting the very thing that you are paying mental attention to. This requires faith. You must choose to truly believe in the not-yet-seen, that the universe is abundant in resources, and that your $100K is available. Harness your inner badass and refuse to let thoughts of being undeserving or insecure take up space in your brain. Change your thinking and change your life.