8. The energy you have around money determines how much of it you will make.

What you believe about money determines how much of it you will earn. Manifesting money is more than positive thinking—it often takes a complete overhaul of your beliefs and relationship with money. First, there is an abundance of wealth available to you. One of the greatest adversaries of wealth is the belief in lack. When you believe in lack, you feel the pressure to create wealth instead of ushering it in. This lowers your frequency and detracts from the wealth you are trying so hard to create. Additionally, if you believe that you are a better person for not having money, you are believing in lack. Think of money as a tool, like any other, available for your use towards whatever objective you deem as worthy of your wealth.

Possessing money will not bring you happiness, but it can provide you with opportunities that will allow you to share with others in meaningful ways. Wealth is not your enemy. Wealth is your friend. Make affirmations that confidently communicate what you will now choose to believe about money. You will need to make your affirmations specific and time sensitive. Create urgency in your mental attitude. The more urgent the expectation, the quicker the wealth will be ushered in. Choose to believe in abundance.