9. Surrendering is admitting that you are a limited resource.

Stepping into your badass life is contingent on the balance between energy and action. You increase your energy by changing your beliefs and connecting with the limitless energy in the universe. You increase your action by taking determined steps toward what you now believe is possible. Surrender is the key to maintaining this balance. Even if you have the best of intentions, to focus solely on action is a recipe for burnout. An action focus leads to fear-based thinking. You start to think defensively, like you must take charge and manipulate the outcome. This will decrease your energy and create an imbalance. Love-based thinking leads to surrender. Surrender opens the flood gates of energy. Surrender ushers in love and gratitude for all the amazing things the universe will deliver to you in time. Surrender lubricates your actions and helps you to focus on who you are being on the way to where you are going.