10. Create and maintain healthy habits to reap the benefits of being a badass.

To read books and attend seminars without taking action is an exercise in futility. You risk losing touch with your heart when you over-inflate your head. Anyone can get pumped up at the idea of being a badass, but true evolution is reserved for those who are willing to make a habit of being uncomfortable. Take a look at the areas of your life that make you wince, figure out which habits created them, and trade in those habits for ones that you are proud of. Investigate the people that inspire you and find out what their core habits are. Avoid drowning in the minutia by choosing two major habits that would create significant positive change.

Hang out with people who live at a high frequency and draw from their energy. When you set goals, be honest with yourself. You can only start from where you are. Make the ride easier by being kind to yourself. Creating new habits is hard but you can make it fun. Keep the affirmations flowing and always involve your body in your actions. Sometimes all it takes is choosing to smile or straightening your posture to change your entire attitude.