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Think and Grow Rich
By Napoleon Hill
What You'll Learn:

Napoleon Hill was once a poor Appalachian boy. Orphaned at thirteen and poorly educated, he joined the newspaper business. After several years as a journalist, he had the good fortune of landing an interview with business tycoon Andrew Carnegie. Carnegie could see that young Hill had grasped the secrets of business success that Carnegie had been elucidating. Carnegie commissioned Hill to interview 500 successful individuals, learn their stories, and distill guiding principles of wealth acquisition that could be shared with the general public. Think and Grow Rich is a bestseller from 1937 that illuminates critical steps to success from Hill’s twenty-year project of researching success and interviewing tycoons and politicians like Teddy Roosevelt and Thomas Edison. What it all comes down to is the connection between outlook and making it rich. This book teaches you how to harness thought and turn it into wealth.

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